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This Man Is the Iraqi Rambo and He’s Singlehandedly Killed 1,500 ISISMembers

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Alongside numerous different nations in the Middle East, the subjects of Iraq are contending energetically to keep ISIS out of their lives and out of their nations.

What’s more, however many courageous people battle, this man, Abu Azrael, has turned into a legend in Iraq for his endeavors in battling ISIS. Heading up a state army wanting to keep the fanatics under control, he’s purportedly slaughtered 1,500 ISIS individuals and keeps on waging war to ensure his nation.

His legend has made him a saint in his nation and endless Facebook fan pages have jumped up to commend his dauntlessness.

In spite of the fact that we know him as the “Iraqi Rambo,” he likewise bears an Arabic epithet that means “Heavenly attendant of Death.”

He’s moved toward becoming something of a poster boy for the counter radical exertion, frequently observed employing axes and  some tools in threatening design.

Despite the fact that he regularly seems alone, he’s an individual from the Shi’ite local army the Imam Ali Brigade. He’s likewise apparently openly cautioned ISIS while remaining over foes he’s vanquished.

He stated, “ISIS this will be your destiny, we will cut you like shawarma.”

I’m certain everybody battling ISIS is feeling much better realizing this person is their ally!


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