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BREAKING: Trump Family Donates $1 Billion To Wall Fund

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After being the first President to ever fly into a combat zone unannounced and heroically meeting members of our special forces, President Trump and his family have landed safely in Florida and are preparing a huge announcement. The family’s PR firm has released a statement that confirms that the facts that are about to come out aren’t speculation from untrusted sources inside the administration, they are untrusted speculation from another source altogether Read More..........


Director of Presidential Image and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, told our reporter in the field:

“The Trump family is donating $1 billion to the border wall GoFundMe started by the brave and heretic Senior Mailman Bri-Bri Kolfags. They aren’t going to declare it or tell anyone where they got it, they’re just donating it. President Trump will sign an Executive Order making donation sources anonymous if the money is going to the public trust Read More.......... "

With more than $1 billion in funds ready to go, the Trump administration will be able to secure the equipment and team of lawyers necessary to tear thousands of Americans living on border property from their homes, for the public good. They will have to take most of the Texas border by eminent domain, and then there’s the whole issue of watershed and walls on riverbanks and such, but Trump is hiring a qualified company to figure that out Read More..........


They will take the land they need, organize the material, use labor from Mexico and pre-fab the sections on that side so it’s all legal and as cheap as possible, and finally make America safe from the 10 percent of undocumented workers and refugees who come here by land. Thank you, President Trump and your wonderful, beautiful family and all you’ve sacrificed for America. You truly know how the average person in this country works, feels, and operates.

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  1. "the Trump administration will be able to secure the equipment and team of lawyers necessary to TEAR thousands of Americans living on border property from their homes, for the public good. " I reported this comment to President Trump you do not deserve to be Trump train. WTF seriously? Pro Trump MY ASS

  2. Something tells me walls made in Mexico just ‘might’ not be the best quality. Just maybe.

  3. What a joke! We have needed a walk for a very long time!

  4. Trump 2020. Any Representative who does not support a border wall and security for our legal citizens does not Represent us. They represent other nations.

  5. I couldn't believe that was written in that article either, most of the owners are willing to let him build it on there property and some of them have been talking to the administration about the best way to do it from the land owner's point of view

  6. When the hell will people stop assuming that the ONLY PURPOSE of the wall is to only stop the PEOPLE lol .... its also to stop what those people are CARRYING and bringing with them and also not to mention when those walls go up in those sections that to the regular eye is almost seemingly wasteful but THOSE are the areas that are used by the ACTUAL criminals that use the sumgelling business to put as many US RESOURCES into the "easy" areas that allow them the freedom and TIME to move across the tougher terrained areas ....

    Anyone that thinks this is all about stopping 10% of people (thats also the liberally adjusted number at the lowest possible number that cld be found) is also not willing to invest 10 mins of theor day thats spent bashing the wall to research what EXACTLY happens at the borders and what impact the ENTIRE of all COMBINED problems coming across have in an OVERALL IMPACT on the ENTIRE ECONOMY .... its all not about the immigration thats just the major talking point because even if you accept that 10% number its still 10% of 350 MILLION PEOPLE and that number equals 35 million at a cost of in a very low estimate of say $20 grand /year in tax dollars only for financial support per person (4 mbr family equals $80,000 per family plus the social funding thats needed in the public for supporting them and the healthcare and the ... and the ... it continues .... you would think the anger wlould be more about the fa t that THE FED charges almost as much mo ey in interest on money they loan to the US is the BIGGEST line item in the budget each year and increasing .... SO in reality if they can cut out about $35 billion in social funding to 10٪ of the people claimed to come across the border thats a HUGE savings for everyone all around and is the best possible situation.... but apparently they feel paying THE FED to support the ILLEGALS more and more is better because they dont think THE FED will call in their debt .... your wrong ... thats ALSO why DONALD TRUMP is trying to get SOMEONE DIFFERENT into the leadership roles into THE FED because i can almost gaurntee that THE FED will call in some, most or ALL of that debt if theor actual plan for the "group" otherwise known as the UN who is in place and gaining traction as the world governing body .... putting the US i to bankruptcy might be a move they make to try and impact their control ... they may threaten it and see what the reaction is .....

    Stop focusing on THE 2ALL and try to figure out why its only HIGH UP POLITICIANS that have been putting this into action that are up in arms and falsely starting coup attempts because they knew the damage DT could do because he is ONE OF THE BILLIONARES THAT KNOWS THE SECRETS ...

    Lol hopefully this has peeked the intrest of a few people that will look i to any of what ive said and learn and educate others ....


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