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Female students rebel against transgender bathrooms, refuse to use samefacilities with males

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February 27, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Over and over again, we are told by LGBT activists that our schools must be transformed for the children. The massive changes to the curriculums, the transgender bathrooms, the revolutionary new ideologies—we are told that these are simply responses to the grassroots demands of parents and students, who have independently discovered that the way we understood the world for the entire history of Western civilization is, apparently, both hateful and inaccurate Read More.........


But nobody appears to have actually asked the students what they want. These policies are justified on the basis that the children need them, but in many instances, the precise opposite turns out to be the case. When one school in Alberta decided to bring in gender-neutral bathrooms back in 2017, many students avoided them because, as any idiot knows, boys and girls generally feel uncomfortable doing their business in a stall next to a member of the opposite sex. Lineups began to form outside the gender-specific bathrooms, and students trekked all the way across the school to avoid using the gender-neutral bathrooms.

“I find it uncomfortable. I have other things to do than boys, in there,” one female student told the media, referring to the changing of feminine hygiene products. “You can hear it.” One student eventually started a petition to demand more gender-specific bathrooms, and he was “overwhelmed” by students looking to sign on the first day. Eventually, he ran out of forms. “You don’t see [gender-neutral bathrooms] anywhere,” he noted. “You don’t see those in restaurants, you don’t see them in government buildings, you don’t see them anywhere, yet we throw them into our schools and assume it’s just fine. I don’t know whose idea this was but it wasn’t a very good one.” Parents, too, were angry that they hadn’t been consulted Read More.........

In the U.S., a teenage girl and her friends are suing their own high school over the new transgender bathroom policy. Alexis Lightcap, an African American student and 2018 graduate of the Boyertown Area High School in Pennsylvania, recently asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their student privacy lawsuit, and Alexis penned an editorial for USA Today explaining her decision to take her own school to court. “[The school] didn’t even bother to tell me or the other students that they changed school policy to allow students to choose their locker rooms and restrooms based not on their sex, but on their beliefs about their gender,” she wrote. Parents were not informed, either.


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  1. Harry J SchaubelMarch 7, 2019 at 9:31 AM

    What is the actual % of the LGBT Community as a group, compared to the rest of the Nation?
    Correct me if I'm wrong but it's somewhere around 3%. That means that 97% of us are Straight!
    Why do we bow to the ridiculous demands of 3% of the population to the discomfiture of the 97%.
    Accommodate as best you can but remember that it's only a small minority of the Entire Population!
    Liberals and LeftWits scream for Majority Rule, yet scream Louder for Minority demands.

  2. I hate LGBTQIA++ groups — and I am gay. I hate that they presume to speak for all gays. They, along with Hollywood and the mainstream media, depict gays as being somehow inherently liberal — as if who I fall in love with has anything to do with my political leanings. (It doesn't.)

    These groups used to be called LGBQ-Straight Alliances, and I participated in them back in the day. But, then they tacked on the "T" for transgender, and shortly after that, the rest of the alphabet followed. What started out as a place to socialize became extremely politicized and slanted in the direction of transgenderism. Their agenda eclipsed everything else. Homosexuals (the "L" and "G") are attracted to people of the same sex, not the same "gender" or "gender identity." We're not attracted to some idea people have of themselves in their mind. I couldn't care less what idea someone has about themselves. That has no bearing on my sexuality. Transgender people have repeatedly vilified lesbians and gay men for not wanting to date people of the opposite sex, but that violates the very definition of "homosexuality." Transgender people are pushing for sex and "gender identity" to be taught to children at younger and younger ages who shouldn't have such complex and mature topics pushed on them, thus depriving them of their innocence — which should be respected, not adulterated (!!). They push for legislation that erases biological sex, which is fundamentally relevant to every homosexual and heterosexual (in other words 99%+ of the population), whether transgender people like it or not. They do all of this while attaching themselves to homosexuals or intersex people or asexuals, to make it seem like it's all of us — but it's not. I don't want the definition of sex erased or sex and "gender identity" to be taught to small children. I don't want to disrespect religion and violate the first amendment by having the government define "marriage" which is historically a religious institution and should be kept separate, as per the separation of church and state. Anything overseen by the government should ideally be called something else, in order to respect that division.

    But, you wouldn't know that any gay person feels this way if you just listen to what the mainstream media and Hollywood has to say. For so many reasons, it's time to stop listening to them...

  3. Thank You

  4. Yes thank you! That was a very intelligent and succinct comment quite closely reflecting my own sentiments on this oh so divisive subject

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