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Florida Democrats Push bill to give illegal immigrants drivers licensesNeon Nettle

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Florida is the latest state to join the push by Democrats to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses.

A Democratic-sponsored bill was recently filed in Florida's House and Senate that would allow residents to get driver's licenses regardless of their immigration status.

The bill was proposed in the Florida Legislature last month and would let illegal aliens use identifying documents like an unexpired foreign passport or a foreign birth certificate to get an American license to drive.

According to the News Service of Florida, the House bill was sponsored by Democratic Rep. Anna Eskamani, who says she believes this legislation "helps to build that trust" with those who are considered "marginalized" in the state, adding that it would also "help make roads safer."

"It doesn’t matter your immigration status," Democratic Sen. Jose Javier Rodriguez said."

If you are on the roads, you should have access to a driver’s test and the ability to get car insurance."

According to Fox News,

the Florida Immigrant Coalition stated in a news release that allowing people without proper immigration documentation the ability to obtain a driver's license would "[cement] trust in law enforcement while protecting vulnerable communities."

The group says that Florida drivers would experience lower insurance premiums and safer roads, and a potential increase of $4 million in state revenue "if 75 percent of Floridians currently denied licenses due to their immigration status were able to receive a driver’s license."

Those seeking a license in Florida under current state law must prove they're U.S. citizens or resident aliens, the news service reported.

Earlier this month, Neon Nettle reported on a similar push by Wisconsin's Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who laid out plans to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses and ID cards during his Biennial Budget Address.

The new push for illegal aliens was one of a number of new proposals outlined by the newly elected Democrat in his budget, that are not directly related to money.

The liberal new gov's push would make illegals eligible for driver's licenses and state IDs, which would then pave the way for them to legally purchase guns and qualify for other benefits normally reserved for legal citizens.

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