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Jim Jordan: No evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but 'all kinds'showing Clinton campaign did

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The House Oversight Committee's top Republican said Sunday that there is a double standard in the scrutiny placed on President Trump compared to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who has been on of Trump's leading allies in the House, told NBC's Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" that his committee's public hearing with Michael Cohen on Wednesday was all about political theatrics and only highlights the stark contrast between the way the Trump campaign is investigated and the Clinton campaign has been given a pass Read More....

"What I know is there is not one bit of evidence to know any type of coordination, collusion, conspiracy whatsoever between the Trump campaign and Russia to impact the election," Jordan said.


"There is all kinds of evidence to show that the Clinton campaign worked with Russians to impact the elections, via that whole thing I just described where they fired the law firm who hired Fusion, who hired Christopher Steele, who communicated with Russians, and put together the fake dossier," he added.

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