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Muslim Rally in New York City demanding their Sharia Rights! WillAmericans Accept Sharia Law ?

Image result for Muslim Rally in New York City demanding their Sharia Rights! Will Americans Accept Sharia Law ?

The history of Muslims:

If you let them come your country, they are going to take your country completely.

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  1. Take a hike Muslims, go home! No Sharia in the USA, ever, anywhere!

  2. GFY Linda Sarsour !!

  3. It as offensive as the faith @Ilhan wears on her head. Sharia is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! And has no place in this nation!
    Here’s a fun fact in 1830 SOTUS Quincy Adams wrote a report to the President about the Barbary Pirates who were ‘devout’ Muslims. Which gave our Marines the nick name leathernecks because of beheading, which are reflected in these words from that SOTUS;
    “Such is the spirt which givens the hearts of men.To whom treachery and violence are taught as principles of religion.” To which I ask after watching what devout Muslims did to journalists James Foley, and the countless of others after him on social media. What has changed? Whether or not is child marriage or throwning gays from high places. Sharia has absolutely no place within this nation. And it is more then a coincidence how Islam and Socialism fit hand in glove. Like it did with the Nazis in WWII

  4. No room for it in canada neither

  5. It was kind of funny to see these ignorants (the women especially) who are in a walk in support of SHAIRA LAW and also hold and show signs with the words END OPPRESSION .... please correct me if I am wrong but doesnt sharia law take oppression to the NEXT LEVEL .... atleast in a womans case ... men to of they are "out" and located ....

    If this opinion is wrong please educate me and not with OPINION but facta and sources ... if I am to change an opinion I dont do so because someone has a different one based off of the same factual data LL your argument will not be accepted if it is based on and rooted in your PERSONAL perception of how sharia law is as a system