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Muslims in California are asking people to not decorate for Easter orChristmas this year out of respect for Islam. Do You Support It ?

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Sorry google has deleted the video because of violence.

EU MIGRANT FALLOUT: Slovakia passes law to BAN Islam from being registered as a religion

SLOVAKIA has passed a law which will effectively ban Islam from gaining official status as a religion, in the latest signs of a growing anti-Muslim sentiment across Europe.

The legislation hints at a dramatic changing attitude towards the religion in the past year across the continent, which has struggled to stem the escalating migrant crisis.

The former communist state has fiercely resisted European Union (EU) efforts to cope with an influx of migrants travelling into Europe by turning its back on the bloc’s introduction of migrant quotas.

But prime minister Robert Fico's government has repeatedly said Islam has no place in Slovakia.

Parliament adopted a bill sponsored by the Slovak National Party (SNS), which requires a religion to have at least 50,000 members, up from 20,000, to qualify for state subsidies and to run its own schools.

The change will make it much harder to register Islam, which has just 2,000 supporters in Slovakia according to the latest census and no recognised mosques.

The Islamic Foundation in Slovakia estimates the number at around 5,000.

The SNS said the new law was meant to prevent speculative registrations of churches, such as the satirical Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which has amassed followers worldwide.

SNS chairman Andrej Danko said:“We must do everything we can so that no mosque is built in the future.”


  1. F off islam...your religion is satanic ..a farce..a lie. Jesus is the way and the light and the SON Of GOD ALMIGHTY

  2. With all due respect to Muslims in California and the USA, please don't try to bring your beliefs to me. The USA constitutional gives us rights the to practice our FREEDOM OF RELIGION. If I can handle your religion without stepping on your rights, please don't step on everyone's else's right to their religion. Agree? Or go home to your own county and see how rough you really have it. ( Respectfully ) .

    Thank you

  3. This is a great piece of news that should be spread far and wide. Especially since the EU has every intention of having moslem followers taken into every European country.