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Watch Video: Fox News hired Donna Brazile as political contributor .

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NEW YORK (AP) — Former Democratic National Committee boss Donna Brazile, who was terminated by CNN for tipping off the Hillary Clinton crusade about discussion themes in 2016, has joined Fox News Channel as a political observer. 


Brazile said Monday she knows individual dissidents will condemn her for joining Fox, yet that it's essential for individuals not to withdraw to "safe spaces" where they simply converse with individuals who concur with them. 

"There's a crowd of people on Fox News that doesn't hear enough from Democrats," Brazile said in an announcement. 

Her direct at CNN was uncovered as a feature of messages uncovered by Wikileaks. She had reached the Clinton battle about subjects that would be canvassed in a March 2016 town corridor when the challenge was Bernie Sanders. 

Brazile at first denied the allegation, yet admitted to it after the race. She wrote in March 2017 that sending messages to the Clinton crusade was "a mix-up I will everlastingly lament." 

At Fox, Brazile won't have anything to do with battle discussions or town corridors, said a Fox representative with information of the game plan who talked on the state of secrecy on the grounds that the individual was not approved to talk about contract subtleties. That might be an unsettled issue, in any case: the Democratic National Committee as of late said it would not permit Fox News to have any of its up and coming essential discussions. 

She'll presently be getting down to business close by certain individuals at Fox who pounded her in the consequence of the spilled inquiries story. 

On the day that she confessed to tipping Clinton's group, visitors on the Fox discourse program "The Five" lit into her. "She's as degenerate to a great extent," at that point specialist Eric Bolling said. 

Fox has not abandoned facilitating any Democratic essential discussions or town lobbies and needs to counter charges from a touchy New Yorker magazine article that sketched out its connections to President Donald Trump. 

Brazile said that if Americans took in anything from the 2016 decision, "it is that we can't have a nation where we don't converse with the individuals who can't help contradicting our political perspectives." 

"You can be damn certain that despite everything I will be me on Fox News," she said. "I will do what I generally do, and dish it out straight, precisely from my perspective, with the same amount of New Orleans hot sauce as people anticipate." 

The choice didn't really sit well with all Fox News watchers, either, especially in the wake of the obvious suspension of Saturday night have Jeanine Pirro following comments she made scrutinizing the devotion of Muslim U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar. Indeed, even Trump throughout the end of the week tweeted that Fox ought to reestablish Pirro. 

The preservationist Breitbart News tweeted: "Well, seems as though she won't approach any discussion questions."

Brazile made her introduction as a donor Monday evening on Dana Perino's program. 

"We're not proceeding by shouting at one another and sending dreadful tweets," she said.  

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