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3,000 Yazidi sex slaves missing & feared dead - Media is silent inorder to avoid damaging Islam's image

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3000 Yazidi sex slaves are lost and feared dead. This story should be in headlines everywhere.

Figures suggest almost 10,000 Yazidis have either been killed or kidnapped by ISIS and there are horrifying accounts of mass rape.

The persecution of non-Muslim minorities in the Middle East has become genocide after more than half a million people have been killed over the past decade in Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organization responsible for genocide against Christians, Kurds and Yezidis in Syria.

The non-Muslim minorities were brutally persecuted by ISISterrorists, Christian men were executed while the women were raped and kept as sex slaves.

Why doesn’t the world seem to care when Christians die?

Why is it that When Christians are murdered and persecuted en masse, no one seems to care — not even other Christians?

Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West?

Please pray for the Christian, Yezidi and the Kurdish minorities in the Muslim world.

An estimated 12 million girls under 18 are married each year. Girls who marry before they turn 18 are less likely to remain in school and more likely to experience domestic violence. Everything possible must be done to protect these vulnerable children.

Under Sharia law girls can marry at the age of 6, just like the Prophet Muhammad from the Koran did when he married Aisha. Muhammad consummated his marriage with Aisha when she was nine.

Here is a proof quote from the Islamic scriptures (Hadiths) that Muslims consider authentic record that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).

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  1. ISLAM -- Destroyer of Civilizations

    Hundreds Churches Were Vandalized by ISLAM & Radicals
    Allah Commands Muslims Destroy Bible,Cross & Christians ..Churches:

    End: Sanctuary City's/States..
    Close Mosques Jihad Command Centers.