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Boy, 5, is ‘alert and conscious’ 2 weeks after being tossed from Mallof America balcony

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The boy who was viciously thrown from a third-story Mall of America balcony is out of critical condition, according to a family statement.

The statement, read by family spokesperson R. Stephen Tillitt on Friday, begins with the happy announcement. “We are so elated to let you know that our son is now alert and conscious and is no longer in critical condition!”

They expressed immense gratitude for the more than 28,000 contributions “from literally around the world” to the GoFundMe page (just a few thousand dollars from its $1 million goal). “Your love and generosity overwhelms and means so much to us!”

Though “the road to recovery remains long,” the family remains optimistic, and emphasized their “plea and gratitude for your continued respect of our family’s privacy.”

Landen Hoffman suffered the nearly 40-foot fall on April 12, after he was suddenly picked up by a stranger, 24-year-old Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, police said.

Landen was targeted in the midst of Aranda “looking for someone to kill,” as the suspect told police, blaming multiple women for rejecting him. Now facing an attempted premeditated first-degree murder charge, Aranda’s prior brushes with the law came to light shortly after the incident.

He was arrested in Chicago, after hitting a restaurant patron with a plate before wielding a knife and repeatedly tried to stab the man before threatening other customers, according to Amanda Granlund, a server who recalled the encounter to the Chicago Tribune. Aranda’s other incidents included two, both in 2015, at the Mall of America, leading to him being banned.

Following Tuesday’s widespread reports that there was “zero evidence” to suggest Landen had a brain injury, Tillitt refused to comment on the boy’s condition. “To start going into details of any kind, confirming or denying, means that the privacy has been intruded upon,” he explained before confirming Landen was still in intensive care and under sedation.

Held on a $2 million bail, Aranda is scheduled to reappear in court on May 14.

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