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Cher and Cory Booker turn on illegal aliens after Trump threatens torelease invasion in their backyards

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 It looks like President Trump's threat to release illegal aliens into sanctuary cities may have both the Hollywood and Democrat establishment in a panic, as it looks like Cher and Democrat Senator Cory Booker do not want that to happen. Funny how the Democrat establishment and things like Hollywood will immediately turns on things they support like we have here with illegal aliens, when we have a President who will basically release what they claim to support into their own backyards.

The anti American Democrat establishment which involves a mass of Hollywood may of just had President Trump to force them to show their support for illegal aliens were fake...Of course the only places Hollywood and Democrats want these illegal aliens release are red states. This fact shows when they become defensive over President Trump who is now willing to release them in the backyards of Democrats and Hollywood that support illegal aliens and sanctuary cities. We basically have Trump telling Hollywood and the Democrat establishment if you want them you can have them, which is now slowly turning the Democrat/Hollywood establishment against the illegal alien invasion at our border.

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