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DNC Chair Tom Perez Republicans Will Lie, Cheat, Steal, Suppress VoteTo Win In 2020

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez said Tuesday the DNC was prepared for Republicans to lie, cheat, steal and suppress the vote to win the White House back in 2020.

Since the Democrats, Russian collusion delusion has been exposed, and they can’t run on the issues, or their idea’s, plus America isn’t gullible enough to buy into their ‘Free NOT Free’ giveaways, they’re down to fearmongering.

Sorry Tom Perez, despite your diatribe the only ones that have been caught lying, cheating, stealing, and suppressing votes were the Democrats.

Or has Tom Perez forgotten how the DNC rigged the voting in 2016 to deliver the Democrat nomination to Hillary Clinton?

Perez made his moronic statement on MSNBC while discussing his public call on Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel to “join me in condemning the weaponization of stolen private data in our electoral process.”

And in “weaponization” Tom Perez means exposing what the Democrats truthfully said in the Podesta emails.

Despite the fact that the Mueller report exonerated President Trump and his campaign of any wrongdoing in the 2016 election.

Guest host, and MSNBC’s resident racist, homophobe Joy Reid kept right on spewing the Democrat Russian collusion delusion saying she believed that President Donald Trump would engage in dissemination of stolen materials again.

Of course, the scummy DNC Chair agreed with equally scummy Joy Reid saying:

“There’s absolutely that danger.

What’s clear from this administration and frankly what’s clear throughout the entirety of his business practices is that they will lie, cheat, and steal. They will do anything to win. They have so eroded institutions of democracy.”

Our democracy is on the ballot

“We have to be prepared for more lying, cheating, and stealing, because they have an approach to undermining our democracy that is shameful, and that is why we are organizing everywhere, and that is why we are preparing for every eventuality,” he said. “We won in 2018 across this country in historic manners, but I am very sober about the realities of the upcoming campaign.

“They will try to suppress the vote wherever they can. They will try to cheat, they will try to weaponize things. That’s what we are preparing for at the DNC, and that is unfortunate. That’s why our democracy is truly on the ballot, and I’m confident we can win, but it saddens me to no end, Joy, because this isn’t who we are.

This is not the party of Lincoln. The party of Lincoln has officially died. The party of Trump is not a party that represents our democratic values.”

The Democrats are such a sick lot, and if Tom Perez thinks this form of over-the-topfearmongering idiocy will succeed, maybe he should go back and see how well it worked out for them in 2016.

And that was before Trump saved the American economy from the eight years of Obama stagnation our country was mired in.

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