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Florida State House passes bill to outlaw sanctuary cities

 Big League Politics Reports: The Florida House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday to outlaw sanctuary cities that harbor criminal illegal aliens. Led by Republicans, the bill would require “local law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration authorities and banning so-called ‘sanctuary city’ policies that shield immigrants who are arrested,” said NBC.
                                       “The GOP-led House voted 69-47 along party lines Wednesday for the measure, sending it over to the Senate where a similar bill is pending,” according to the report. The Florida Senate is stacked with Republicans, who outnumber Democrats 23-17. Should the bill pass the Senate, it will likely be signed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is known for his tough stance on border security.
                                          Common sense just keeps coming out of the State of Florida under Governor DeSantis, as Florida's State House has now passed a bill to outlaw Sanctuary Cities. Of course this still has to be passed by the Florida Senate, and if it is fully expect Governor DeSantis to sign this bill that will not allow Sanctuary Cities/counties to exist in Florida.
​                                          Also what would come with Florida outlawing Sanctuary Cities in the state, is it will be much more difficult for the Democrat establishment to steal the upcoming 2020 election in Florida...Like the Democrat establishment obviously tried to do during the 2018 midterms. Hopefully more Republican controlled states like Florida will follow Florida and outlaw Sanctuary Cities/counties as well. Of course with this don't be surprised if the Democrat establishment attempts to take this to court if the outlawing of sanctuary cities/counties is signed by DeSantis.

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