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Muslims Offer Rancher $2M To Build Mosque, He Gives BrilliantCounter-Offer

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When a horse rancher decided to put his beautiful land up for sale, a group of wealthy businessmen offered him $2 million dollars, more than $200,000 over his asking price. However, when he discovered what they were planning on building, he replied with a clever counter-offer that immediately wiped the smiles off their faces.

John O’Leary is a fifth-generation horseman who professionally manages a 10-acre ranch in Australia’s southern territory. Like his father, who served as the personal escort to the commander-in-chief of the Austrailian Military forces during World War II, equestrianism is in O’Leary’s blood. However, there’s something else that runs deep in his veins — his Australian heritage. It’s these two facets of his life that he has vowed to never abandon, even at the risk of being labeled a bigot.

When O’Leary was approached by wealthy businessmen, he was pleasantly surprised by their offer of $2 million for the property he had listed for only $1.79 million. However, after he realized that they were devout Muslims who planned to tear down his stalls in Gainsborough to build an Islamic center to attract more Muslims, he informed them that no amount of money would convince him to accept their offer.

Adelaide Now reports that as soon as the Muslim prospects offered him the payment, he turned them down and answered, “We want Australia to remain Australia.”

“Through the agent, they made me an offer; I was told I could get more than I was looking for,” Mr. O’Leary recalled. “I rejected it on principle. We want Australia to remain Australia and not disappear.” He added, “I’m a right-winger of Irish Catholic background.”

O’Leary stood firm on his beliefs, adding that he and his wife want a buyer who will continue the ranch’s tradition of horse management. He adds that he will keep the sale price at $1.7M — just not for Muslims who would build an Islamic center.

“We are the silent majority of the right-wing who have been stifled by political correctness over the past two generations from being able to speak our mind,” he told “We don’t want Muslims coming into this country. They don’t assimilate … and the fact they take over suburbs and won’t allow Australians in their own suburbs [sic].”

O’Leary reiterated that although Muslims are still a small minority in Australia, they are disproportionately committing crimes.

“I don’t want to see enclaves on our country and our cities where westerners can’t walk through their own suburbs, and I don’t want to see the crime that I see on the news,” he said, according to Meanwhile In OZ.

After hearing O’Leary’s response, the ignorant real estate agent denied that the proposed building was a mosque, likely misunderstanding that an Islamic center or any other place in which Muslims gather to worship is a mosque. The unnamed agent added that he no longer represents O’Leary.

“I saw plans (for the building) and it was for a very large function or community centre, catering for up to 1000 people. It also had prayer rooms,” he said. “It wasn’t a mosque though. A mosque would bring a lot of attention. They were prospective buyers. But it (the land) wasn’t suitable, plus the land was not zoned appropriately.”

In Pakistan, religious minorities are subjected to the worst kinds of discrimination. Under Sharia law, non-Muslims are forced to pay jizya, a religious tax in exchange for their right to simply live in a Muslim country. Even if they pay jizya, their lives and property are not protected if Muslims see them as a threat to Islam. In fact, penalties for non-Muslims who merely insult Islam range from loss of property to the death penalty.

These financially burdened non-Muslim minorities are not allowed to build new churches, temples, or synagogues in Muslim lands, according to Muslim jurists. In the business world, however, religious minorities in Sharia-governed nations are not allowed to “assume a position of authority.”

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