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Obama appointed Judge to block Trump policy on cutting millions fromPlanned Parenthood

Washington Examiner Reports: ​A federal judge on Tuesday said that he would block the Trump administration from setting new rules that would have cut off millions of dollars in government funding from Planned Parenthood. U.S. District Judge Michael McShane, a nominee of former President Barack Obama, said Tuesday he would grant a preliminary injunction, calling the rule a "ham-fisted approach to public health policy.'' The case landed in court after Oregon's and 20 other states' attorneys general, as well as the American Medical Association and Planned Parenthood, filed lawsuits.

                                          The rule, which was set to go into effect May 3, concerns a $286 million-a-year grant, known as Title X, that pays for birth control, testing of sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings for 4 million low-income people. It requires the "physical and financial" separation of family planning services and abortion, and does not allow doctors to directly refer patients for abortions.

                                         Here we go once again with another Obama appointed Judge blocking President Trump, as it's expected this Obama appointed Federal Judge Michael McShane will block Trump from pulling tens of millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood. Once again this shows that the Democrat establishment and their puppets like this Federal Judge do not care about the future of America, which is America's children...As this would allow taxpayer funds to go back into the baby killing factory of Planned Parenthood. Should this judge decide to rule on blocking Trump from pulling tens of millions of dollars from Planned Parenthood, this should be taken to the Supreme Court immediately by President Trump, as leaders and Judges appointed or connected to Trump continue to put illegal aliens and the killing of babies before anything else.

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