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One out of four prison inmates are illegal aliens, foreign born, orimmigrants

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   ​   Breitbart Reports: About one in four federal inmates are either an illegal alien, legal immigrant, or suspected foreign-born criminal, a new federal report concludes.In total, there were nearly 240,000 inmates in the federal prison system as of 2018, a Department of Justice (DOJ) report finds. Of that total, nearly 60,000 of those prisoners were illegal aliens and legal immigrants who have been ordered to be deported, were in proceedings to be deported, or were currently under investigation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to confirm their foreign-born status.

                                  This dictates that about one in four — or about 25 percent — federal inmates are born outside the U.S. and came to the country either illegally or legally. In Bureau of Prisons (BOP) custody, alone, foreign-born prisoners account for more than 20 percent of the total federal prison population. This confirms that about one in five federal inmates in BOP custody are foreign-born. There were nearly 40,000 foreign-born inmates in BOP custody as of 2018.

                                       This is obviously another highlight that confirms our border/immigration crisis in America, as we are now finding out one out of four prison inmates in America are illegal aliens, foreign born, or immigrants. This number now out where illegal immigrants represent 25 percent of all prison inmates across America, only shows further support and vindications for President Trump's National Emergency on the border.

                                      The immigration crisis in America is truly represented in this statistic, and all you have to do to inform the Left and Democrat establishment that we have a National Emergency with the border and immigration...Just point them in the direction of America's prison...And 25 percent of what they will see are illegal aliens, foreign born, or immigrant inmates. Obviously with this we need a major overhaul to our immigration system in America like the border wall and very strict restrictions on asylum.

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