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9th Circuit rules Trump can continue to keep returning asylum seekersto Mexico

The Gateway Pundit Reports:A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the Trump Administration can continue to keep returning asylum seekers in Mexico (for now). A panel of three judges on the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit cited many different reasons for allowing the migrants to stay in Mexico while they wait for an immigration judge to hear their cases. This is yet another victory for Trump and America.

                                   This decision by the 9th Circuit Court that will continue to allow President Trump to send asylum seekers back to Mexico shows something is happening in the Federal Court system. This decision obviously shows a change in the Federal Court system under President Trump that may be on it's way to putting America First, because a couple months ago the 9th Circuit would of never ruled in favor of President Trump sending asylum seekers back to Mexico.

​                                        Another thing with this is that this is a pretty major victory for National Security, because Trump is being allowed by the 9th Circuit of all places to send asylum seekers back to the other side of the border with their known bogus claims for asylum. You can guarantee that 99 percent of these asylum seekers pretty much have bogus claims to seek asylum in the United States. With Trump now having 100 or more Federal Judges confirm expect more victories out of the Federal Court system from here on

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