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Acting Defense Secretary reveals Trump gave military direct order tosecure the border

Fox News Reports: Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said in an exclusive “Fox & Friends” interview Monday that there is a "crisis" at the southern border and he will follow President Trump's "direct legal order" to provide security. Shanahan, who will be nominated by President Trump to be defense secretary after serving since Jan. 1 in an interim capacity, was asked by Brian Kilmeade about critics who do not want Defense Department funds to be shifted to border security. "We have a crisis at the border, a national emergency declared by the president," he responded. "The commander-in-chief has given me a direct legal order to secure the border. I'm securing the border."

                                    It's now being confirmed through Acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan that President Trump ordered the military directly to secure the border, and this may be confirmation that the US Military will also construct our wall as well. Defense Secretary Shanahan has also confirmed the military will also be on the border till the border is secured, and the border will only be secured when the entire wall is built.

                                  This week the Pentagon confirmed $1.5 billion dollars after a previous $1 billion was already announced by the Pentagon being used to construct to wall, so now we know why the military is on the border...And it's likely for staging to construct the wall as we now have over two billion dollars of wall now coming through the Pentagon. With Shanahan confirming the following, be prepared for the Democrat establishment to fight this, even though no Democrat has power over the military or Defense Department. 

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