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Biden campaign disappears during Memorial Day Weekend, has no scheduled campaign rallies


     The Gateway Pundit Reports: Leading Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden disappeared Memorial Day weekend after taking it easy on the campaign trail the past ten days, having held only one rally and three fundraisers. The 76-year-old former vice president appears to be living up to President Trump’s “sleepy” nickname for him.
                                  Biden held a rally in Phildalephia on May 18, headlined a pair of fundraisers last Monday and Tuesday in Florida and a fundraiser in Nashville also last Monday. The Biden campaign site shows no scheduled rallies. The campaign provided a terse “Joe Biden has no public events scheduled,” statement to media.
                                    Well this seems to be a very interesting development during the 2020 Election cycle, as Biden's campaign has gone MIA during Memorial Day Weekend and his campaign has no scheduled rallies listed on the website. The reveal of Biden's campaign having no scheduled rallies comes after a pretty major Obama spygate reveal, as we now know Joe Biden was involved in the early stages of Obama's illegal counterintelligence operation used against President Trump. You would think with Biden being the leading Democrat candidate for 2020 he would have scheduled rallies across America, but it looks like he doesn't for some reason. So can we start #WheresBiden?

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