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Brennan's panic reveals Obama spygate source inside Russian government


   The Gateway Pundit Reports: On Friday Brennan joined Chris Hayes on MSNBC and continued to lash out at Trump calling his move “outrageous… 
unprecedented.” Brennan went on to say, “My former colleagues in the intelligence community are looking upon this with great concern and worry.” Then on Friday the Deep State leaked to The New York Times that Brennan’s Russian “source” who determined that “Putin personally ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the US presidential election” to undermine Hillary Clinton in favor of Trump” would be outed if Barr released information on the Obama administration spying on the opposition party. Now there are calls for former CIA Chief John Brennan to be prosecuted for revealing the existence of a deep cover clandestine source inside the Russian government.

     Looks like Brennan's panic has caused him a case of the loose lips, as we are discovering that Brennan has revealed an Obama spyring source inside the Russian government. This information proves that the Obama administration even involved the Russian government in Obama's illegal spyring through FISA that was used against President Trump. Basically we now have the UK, Ukraine, Australia, Italy, and even Russia as being involved in Obama's illegal spy ring.

​                                            By the way once again this shows that Russian interference in the 2016 Election took place on behalf of the Obama administration, now that Brennan's panic has revealed a top Russian government source was involved in Obama's spygate. Once again the projection exposes the Obama network, as Obama is now revealed to have a Russian source working to spy on Trump, and Brennan revealed this because he's in an obvious panic.

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