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Democrat controlled California sues Trump after Trump pulls billion dollar train money


    Breitbart Reports: The State of California sued the Trump administration on Tuesday over the Federal Railroad Administration’s decision to cancel a nearly $1 billion grant for a high-speed railway that the state admits it no longer intends to build as planned.Last week, the federal government followed through on its threat to cancel the $929 Million in funding, which it made earlier this year after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced in his “State of the State” address that it “would cost too much and, respectfully, would take too long” to complete the high-speed rail project, which originally was meant to connect San Francisco to Los Angeles. Newsom said he still wanted to complete part of the project in the rural Central Valley.

                                               But President Donald Trump said that California should return the $3.5 billion he federal government had spent on the understanding that the state would be building a train that could travel between the two cities in under three hours. The governor disagreed, saying: “This is CA’s money, allocated by Congress for this project. We’re not giving it back.” He later claimed that Trump’s efforts to claw back the money were “political retribution” for California’s lawsuit against the administration’s attempt to construct a border wall — one of dozens of lawsuits it has filed against Trump’s policies.

                                             This should absolutely fail where Democrat controlled California and it's leadership are now suing Trump, after the President took away one billion dollars in Federal funds for California's high speed train to nowhere. It's very likely that California were using these Federal funds that Trump pulled from California this week to fund illegal aliens in California, it really should be a no brainer that this is exactly what California was doing with this money...Because the train to nowhere has been stalled for like what 20-30 years. 

​                                            This truly shows how anti America the state of California well really there leadership has become, as they are now suing a President who puts the American people first, because Trump pulled money from a state that puts illegal aliens first. Even with California looking to sue over this you already know Trump will become victorious in this situation...And California could likely loose the other couple billion.

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