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Democrats looking to infiltrate as fake Republicans during 2020Election in red districts

Big League Politics Reports:  Corbin Trent, one of the cofounders of Justice Democrats, emphasized working “within the two existing parties” and “attack district by district looking for people that fit that culture of that district.” Justice Democrats, however, tend to focus the majority of their energy towards primarying Democrats by running Hard Left candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Groups like Brand New Congress are also employing a similar strategy, but they spread their focus to Republican districts. In fact, in the Justice Democrats FAQ section, a distinction was made between the Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats strategy: Brand New Congress has many of the same principles as us, but are attempting to recruit Congressional candidates to run as Republicans in red districts.

                                   Not only should we be worried about Democrats attempting to steal 2020 through their usual election fraud, but it looks like it's slowly being revealed that Democrat connected groups are attempting to run Democrats as Republicans during the 2020 Election cycle. This obviously further confirms the panic inside the Democrat establishment, because several months before 2020 election night around America it's already being revealed these Democrat groups are attempting to infiltrate the vote with fake Republicans in red districts.

​                                         It looks like this effort by Democrats to run Democrats as Republican in red districts is targeting the US House, but be warned these Democrat connected groups are also looking to do this with the Senate during the 2020 Election cycle. Maybe MAGA candidates should run as Democrats in blue districts. Be careful who you vote for in 2020, because the Democrat 2020 steal is now slowly being revealed.

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