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Hillary must think she's above the law by asking China to hack asitting President

It appears that Hillary Clinton still think she's above the law, where everyone should know by now that Hillary Clinton has basically asked for China to hack President Trump's tax returns. There really should be a criminal investigation into Hillary's words, because technically Hillary Clinton did ask a foreign government to hack a sitting President.

A thing that's funny about this well two things really, is this once again confirms the Democrat establishment/China connection...And does Hillary not realize that China is an ally of Russia? Hillary basically asking for China to hack a sitting President in asking China to hack Trump's tax returns, should be something very easy for Attorney General Barr to investigate...I mean Hillary only asked China to hack a sitting President on National TV. This is a very stupid thing for Hillary to even say, only after one of her State Department officials just pleaded guilty for conspiring with China.

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  1. hillary has always been above the law. with the fbi cia etc filled with her marxist lackies , she has always been above the law. it is way past time to bring hillary and her brood of cowards down. i suggest a military hanging or firing squad for traitors.