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Home in Los Angeles upscale neighborhood raided by ATF, perhapsthousands of guns found

With this ATF joint raid with the LAPD on this home in one of Los Angeles's most upscale communities, you can only be curious what the hell is going on here. It's pretty much being reported that this home was raided by the ATF, LAPD, and other agencies on this home in Los Angeles, where around 1,000 firearms were discovered. Now the obvious question is what in the hell is this connected to, and how did this even happen in gun control California? Did an Obama Fast and Furious operation get busted, or did a Deep State operation get busted...Well you can likely connect those two together. Would say this is obvious gun trafficking, but with the amount of firearms found at this upscale home in Los Angeles, be sure there is more to this story.

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  1. The ATF, is being very closed mouth on the ownership of these guns, Could it be they were being stockpiled to be used in a rebellion by Antifa, or by Islamic invaders. It gives caused to wonder, how many other, "arsenal storage sites", are there throughout the USA?