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Missouri State Senate joins Alabama banning abortion after 8 weeks

Big League Politics Reports: The Missouri Senate Thursday passed a bill to ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy, following Alabama and Georgia, which both enacted similar bills in the past two weeks. “The Republican-led Senate approved the legislation 24-10,” according to Fox News. “It needs at least another vote of approval in the House of Representatives, which is also led by Republicans, before it can head to Republican Gov. Mike Parson’s desk.” Missouri’s bill will ban abortions after eight weeks of pregnancy, and does not include exceptions for rape or incest. “The bill includes exceptions for medical emergencies — but not for pregnancies caused by rape or incest. Doctors who perform abortions after eight weeks face five to 15 years in prison, the report said.

                                      Looks like the Left's baby killing machine known as abortion in America and Roe Vs. Wade is about to be destroyed, as Missouri's State Senate has basically passed an Alabama like bill banning abortion after eight weeks.

The Left is raging that they can't kill kids in the womb anymore as we now have two states banning abortion at a very early point during pregnancy, and we should for sure see more states making passing bills exactly the same as Missouri and Alabama banning abortion at a certain point during pregnancy. Be sure that the Democrat agenda of killing kids in the womb have always been connected to adrenochrome and black market human organ trafficking rigns, but the Left will never tell you this fact when they claim abortion is a "woman's right" and scream that it's about their bodies.

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