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NXIVM had records of Clinton Emails and Senator Schumer FinancialRecords

Big League Politics Reports:  ​With prosecutors in the trial of cult leader Keith Raniere planning to introduce evidence on the NXIVM sex cult’s deep oppposition research files on its political enemies including Roger Stone, documents from the archives are shedding light on how the sex cult stored data on top politicians including Chuck Schumer — whom the cult viewed as a “friendly” ally according to ex-employee Frank Parlato — and Hillary Clinton.

The Albany Times-Union noted in 2015: “A former close confidant of Keith Raniere, founder of the NXIVM corporation, claims top officials in the secretive organization used a Canadian investigative firm or other means to sift the financial records of six federal judges and U.S. Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., according to court records. The former NXIVM insider, Kristin M. Keeffe, said that Seagrams heiress Clare W. Bronfman, who oversees NXIVM’s operations, ordered the financial probes at the direction of Raniere, 55.

The six judges whose financial records Keeffe alleges were analyzed have all presided over cases involving NXIVM or its perceived adversaries and critics…The allegations by Keeffe, 45, are outlined in emails attributed to her that were filed recently in Albany County Court…Keeffe broke away from NXIVM in February 2014 and is in hiding, according to correspondence and conversations attributed to her in court records filed in Albany County…”So the NXIVM cult had information on Schumer.

                                        It looks like we have another Democrat Establishment member now named as being involved with the child/human trafficking network of NXIVM, as we are discovering that NXIVM had the financial records of Democrat Senator Schumer. Not only that but this new development also shows that NXIVM also has Hillary Clinton emails, so obviously this would mean that Hillary Clinton was likely in direct contact with NXIVM through her private email server and obviously before she had the server...As we know 14 members of NXIVM all funded Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign for political influence.

​                                           Senator Chuck Schumer now joins the list of Democrats obviously connected to NXIVM, so I guess we now know why Schumer is in a panic as well. Bet we will soon find out between 25-50 percent of the Democrat establishment is involved with NXIVM, as we have another Democrat named.

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