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Obama appointed Fed Judge Mark Walker in Florida orders all Floridaballots to be in Spanish

Fox News reported: Judge Walker noted that Section 4(e) of the Voting Rights Act “prohibits English-only elections for those citizens — yes, citizens — educated in Puerto Rico in Spanish.” (emphasis in original) Therefore, he ordered that the 32 counties in question must provide voters with ballots in Spanish starting with Florida’s primary election scheduled for March 17, 2020. This order follows a previous injunction in the case, which stated the counties must provide sample ballots in Spanish for the November 2018 election. Walker’s latest order called for similar sample ballots should there be any election between now and the March 2020 primary.

                                          We have another issue once again with another Obama appointed Federal Judge, where Obama appointed Federal Judge Walker has ordered that all ballots in Florida for the 2020 Election must be in Spanish. This once again shows why it's so important for Trump nominated Judges to be confirmed, as an Obama Federal Judge has ordered ballots in the state of Florida to be in Spanish. Hopefully this decision by this Obama appointed Judge should be immediately taken to the Supreme Court, because if you live in America and have to use a ballot in Spanish to vote...You shouldn't be voting in America. The good thing is we have 100 plus confirmed Trump Federal Judges, but obviously this shows that we need more. In reality if this is allowed none of these ballots should be counted.

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