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Obama bought and paid for activist Judges have issued 37 injuctions against Trump's Presidential authority


       The Gateway Pundit Reports: Since Mr. Trump took office, federal courts have issued 37 nationwide injunctions against his policies, Mr. Barr said. During President Barack Obama’s first two years, the courts issued two injunctions and only 27 were issued during the 20th century, according to Justice Department data. President Trump has complained about Obama selected judges who are responsible for many, if not all of these injunctions.  Chief Justice Roberts decided to publicly rebuke the President for this line saying that in essence all judges are the same.  This response was definitely uncalled for and out of line by the Chief Justice and President Trump responded.

                                                AG Barr was exactly correct in calling out Federal Judges appointed by Obama earlier in the week for using multiple injunctions against President Trump's lawful policies, as we now have a list of about 40 injunctions used against Trump by these judges. Remember most of these Federal Judges placing these injunctions against President Trump's lawful authority as President are mostly appointed by Obama, and not only are they appointed by Obama but these Federal Judges also donated to Obama before they were appointed by Obama to there current Federal court positions.
​                                          It's obvious President Trump is being politically attacked by bought and paid for Judges with nearly 40 injunctions, when there was only 27 injunctions against sitting US Presidents in the previous 100 years. These injunctions are pretty much an act of criminal sedition being used by Federal Judges mainly appointed by Obama against Trump.

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