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Obama's gun running AG Holder calls AG Barr's testimony unacceptable

AG Barr's testimony today has forced panic to come out of Obama's former AG Eric Holder on Twitter today, where the former AG who ran guns through Operation Fast and Furious to Mexican cartels and gangs like MS-13 is calling AG Barr's testimony unacceptable. When you see panic from former Obama officials when discussing AG Barr, it's very likely that these former Obama/Clinton network puppets are being investigated by AG Barr for his investigations into illegal leaks and Obama's counterintelligence operation used against Trump...Or inside those criminal referrals being sent to AG Barr by Meadows and Nunes. Like April...May should be an interesting month as well.

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  1. I'm sure glad he has gotten a new moral and legal understanding of "Wing man" politics. Bless his little heart!