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Radical Muslim Congresswoman Omar Calls for More Gun Control AfterColorado School Shooting

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is callimg for more gun control as her response to Tuesday’s shooting at Colorado’s STEM School Highlands Ranch.

Omar did not mention the fact that Colorado already has the Democrats’ favorite gun control–universal background checks. Nor did she mention that Colorado has a “high capacity” magazine ban, which is another go-to gun control for Democrats

Chelsea Handler, Alyssa Milon, and Gabby Giffords all pushed for more gun control on Wednesday as well. Yet neither they nor Omar detailed a particular gun control that would have prevented this attack.

An “assault weapons” ban would not have done it, as a handgun was used. And a “high capacity” magazine ban or universal background check requirement would not have prevented it, as they both already exist in Colorado. Making matters even trickier is the simple fact that people with criminal intent do not obey current laws and would just as easily ignore future ones.

Gun control does not stop determined attackers.

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