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Sunland Park, NM Border city mayor claims We Build the Wall section of the wall is in violation of law


    USA Today Reports: Construction of a privately-funded border wall must be halted immediately, according to a cease and desist letter issued by the city of Sunland Park. Mayor Javier Perea said Tuesday that the property owner did not have the necessary permits to erect the fencing, which was funded by "We Build the Wall, a national group that created a GoFundMe account to pay for border barriers. Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state known for his hard-line immigration views, said he and the "We Build the Wall," group had received approval from two city of Sunland Park inspectors. But Perea said regardless if two city employees gave approval for construction, the business is still in violation of city law because they had not submitted proper construction plans to the city.
We obviously have a problem with mayors in America especially if they are border city mayors, as the Mayor of Sunland Park, NM has claimed the We Build the Wall section of the wall that was put up this week in NM on the border with Mexico is in violation of the law. This once again just proves how much the Democrat establishment truly hates America, and you can guarantee there is a connection to this mayor of Sunland Park NM and the trafficking networks that take place on the border. Mayors like this are just as much of a threat to the people of the United States, because mayors like this mayor in Sunland Park NM attempting to fight We Build the Wall through lawfare keep things like trafficking at the border in operation. There are threats to America at all levels.

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