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Texas Secretary of State resigns during investigation of non-citizens on voter rolls


  Fox News Reports: In the shadow of a mistake-filled effort to purge the state's voter rolls of noncitizens, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley delivered his resignation to the governor Monday afternoon just before the end of the legislative session. Whitley needed two-thirds support from the state Senate to stay in his position, but despite expected support from all 19 Republicans, Democrats roundly disavowed his voter rolls investigation, the Austin American-Statesman reported. He resigned before a vote could take place. The secretary of state is constitutionally required to leave if he is not confirmed by the end of a full legislative session, according to the Texas Tribune. Whitley had served since December.

This is a pretty major development out of Texas, because the Texes Secretary of State David Whitley has resigned during an investigation of non-citizens on the voter rolls in Texas. This obviously shows a likely direct link to illegal aliens and non-citizens on voter rolls in Texas, as this now former Texas Secretary of State has resigned during an investigation/purge of non-citizens on voter rolls in Texas. We know that the Trump administration has been investigating voter fraud since the 2016 election, so it looks like with this development out of Texas the Trump investigation of voter fraud is purging officials that could be directly related to voter fraud around the country.

                              There will very likely be more news of individuals like Secretary of States at the State level resigning or being fired prior to the 2020 election. What you basically see here is someone likely directly related to voter fraud in Texas that took place during the 2016 Election and the 2018 midterms.

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