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Top Obama officials knew about Hillary's private server three yearsbefore it became public

The Epoch Times Reports: Top officials working in the White House for President Barack Obama knew Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using a private email system for official government business three years before it became public, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch. “WH [White House] called – have we received a FOIA request from CREW (Citizens for Responsible Ethics in Washington) on the topic of personal use of email by senior officials? “Apparently other agencies have. If we have it, can you give me the details so I can call the WH back? I think they’d like it on quick turnaround. Thanks! Sheryl,” read a Dec. 20, 2012 email from Sheryl L. Walter, who was then director of the Department of State’s Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS). Her email was addressed to several of her subordinates.

                                 More trouble incoming for the Obama administration, and this revelation of Obama officials knowing about Hillary's email server three years prior to public knowledge follows some other major Obama administration/campaign developments. Now knowing that top Obama officials knew of Hillary's private server three years prior before the general public, may show that Obama planned on Hillary having this server to give nations of the world especially China top secret US information.

​                                    We know everything on Hillary's server was marked classified and that official State Department business was conducted on Hillary's private server through testimony from a former Clinton state department official. This revelation comes after it was revealed the Obama White House hid Hillary emails inside the Obama White House, and also comes after the revelation of a Malaysian banker and Fugees rapper being indicted for funneling stolen money into Obama's reelection campaign.

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