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Trump Drops Subpoena Hammer On Congress – Now Democrats Are Triggered

They didn’t think Donald would dare – bring it on!

Democrats lost the Russian investigation. Now they’re back to finding dirt in Trump’s financials—but it’s NOT going well.

They tried to pressure major banks into giving up Trump’s private, confidential financial records. Talk about a violation of privacy!

President Trump sued those banks, not willing to give the Left an inch.

And it looks like his lawyers just scored a BIG win.

From The Conservative Opinion:

On Wednesday, President Trump’s attorneys announced that their recent suit against banks Capital One and Deutsche Bank, coming in regards to House Democrats’ repeated attempts to subpoena Trump’s financial information, appear to have been successful.

Ouch! That’s gotta hurt, huh Democrats? Who would have thought that Trump’s lawyers would win their suits against Capital One and Deutsche Bank?

Oh, I guess anyone that understands the Constitution. Congress has no right pressuring a bank to divulge the private financial records of a customer.

That is a violation of their professional relationship for one and a violation of our 4thAmendment rights for another.

Trump has committed no crime. He hasn’t broken any financial or tax laws. Democrats were simply abusing their power in the House to find dirt on Trump, thinking they can just use their lawyers to do whatever they want.

Just like the DOJ and FBI under Obama abused their power to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Typical Democrats.

But the banks backed down, agreeing to not relinquish Trump’s private information, pending a judge’s ruling.

Democrats are really destroying their reputation, aren’t they? Time and again, Trump has been vindicated.

He didn’t collude with Russia. He didn’t obstruct justice. He isn’t cheating on his taxes or finances.

That’s not good enough for the Left, apparently. The clowns want to destroy Trump any way they can.

(Remember what they did to his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh?)

These Democrats really can’t stand that Trump is making good on his promises, making America great again.

Everyone is benefitting thanks to his policies, regardless of your race or gender. The economy is up and unemployment is way low.

Democrats can’t compete with that, so they are playing dirty.

But once again, they lost.

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