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Video: Pelosi accuses AG Barr of crime, stupidly says no one is abovethe law

Now it looks like the Democrat establishment is now accusing AG Barr of a crime, and this of course comes after AG Barr testified yesterday to Congress. It seems like the Democrat establishment narrative is to now go after AG Barr, when they never said the following things about AG Holder or AG Lynch under Obama. If no one is above the law like Pelosi has stated, well Holder should be arrested for gun running to Mexican cartels and gangs like MS-13, and Lynch should probably be locked up for letting Hillary Clinton walk with all the evidence that proves Hillary Clinton should be in prison. Just look at what Pelosi is saying and consider it projection, because Pelosi and others likely have bad days coming with Pelosi projecting Barr has committed a crime and projecting no one is above the law.

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