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Video: Senator Graham warns Pelosi her job is at risk if she goes down impeachment road


 Panicking Pelosi over the last week has done everything from supporting impeachment of Trump to pulling back from impeachment of Trump, and has even gone as far as accusing President Trump of a cover up. Senator Graham is exactly correct in stating that Pelosi's push for impeaching President Trump is suicide for her job, and I would like to ad that Democrats in general pushing for impeachment are all in trouble of losing their jobs...Especially with being in the 2020 election cycle where sleeping Americans are waking up in mass. Technically speaking though Pelosi and other Democrats may face more than losing their jobs, as they could face major legal trouble if it's discovered they are involved in Obama's illegal spy ring used against Trump...

Especially if Trump's declassification of Obama's spyring documents name Pelosi and others.

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