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Watch: Pakistani refugee raped Norwegian girl "I have a right to rape women, women have no rights"

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Norwegian police confirm that In each and every case the offender was a non-Western immigrant. At the same time, in 9 out of 10 cases, the victim was Norwegian, not just by nationality, but also by ethnicity. 

Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. 

Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe. 

There are Western countries that do not even acknowledge that there is a lack of integration within the immigrant communities. 

The Western world must close the borders before it is too late.

Have you ever wondered why there are no terrorist attacks in Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary? 

When an immigration crisis broke out in Europe, these countries immediately closed their borders with security fences and walls to completely stop the mass illegal immigration. 

Hungary announced that it would not accept Muslim immigrants to preserve the "Christian" culture and identity of Hungary.
Slovakia declared that it would accept only Christian refugees on the grounds that the state had no mosques. 

Austria Poland and Czech Republic did the same thing. 

EU members Poland and Hungary didn’t accept one refugee according to the legally binding agreement they made in 2015 to take in 160,000 refugees across the bloc. The Czech Republic only took in 12 refugees since 2016. 

The EU threatensPoland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

But look what happened to countries that have opened their borders and have received hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees.economic sanctions for not accepting Muslim refugees. 
Here are only few examples: 

3 June 2017 - London: Eight people were killed when three Muslim terrorists drove a van into pedestrians on London Bridge.

7 April 2017 - Stockholm: Muslim terrorist drove stolen truck into a crowd in the Swedish capital, killing four people and wounding 15 others. 

19 December 2016 - Berlin: Muslim terrorist drove a truck into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 56 others. 

Hundreds of innocent people have been killed in terrorist attacks in France, Germany, Britain, Finland and even Sweden. 

After Millions of illegal immigrants and refugees have infiltrated into Europe thanks to the EU's open borders policy. 

The European Union should adopt the immigration policy of the Eastern European countries. 

It's time for the Western world to wake up!

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