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Watch: Somali Muslim refugee Raped White Woman In Public In Minnesota -Local residents call to deport him back to where he came from

Somali Muslim refugee Raped Woman Public Bus In Minnesota - media is silent.

That is why Why No One Trusts The Mainstream Media, when an incident does not match its narrative, the Mainstream Media either ignore it or distort the report in order to push their agenda.

Please Watch and Share this report from the local news channel in Minnesota.
Trust in the media is at an all-time low, and it should be.

Fewer and fewer Americans trust the mainstream media.

Liberal news channels are doing everything in their power to push their agenda.
Western countries should adopt Trump's Travel Ban.

Trump, as a candidate, called in 2015 for a ban on refugees from terror-laden countries.

Trump is correct, Just look at what has been happening to Europe in recent years since the beginning of the immigration crisis.

The German government expects to spend around 93.6 billion euros by the end of 2020 on costs related to the refugee crisis.

The only solution to the immigration crisis is to close the borders and deport illegal immigrants back to where they came from.

Most of the immigrants who arrived in Germany are not refugees from Syria.

They are Muslim immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East who exploited the flow of immigrants from Syria to invade Europe as "refugees."

Multiculturalism has failed in Europe.

Most people are unaware of the consequences of the illegal mass immigration into Europe that lead to the changing face of Europe.

The British have become a minority in their Own capital city.

In Sweden the situation is even worse, Swedish majority will live long enough to see themselves becoming a minority in their own country.

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