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AOC attack group targets top Dem who voted with her 96% of the time but criticized Omar

Rep. Eliot Engel supported the jihad caucus 96% of the time. However, Engel has a major problem: he is a Jew who supports Israel. That makes Engel persona non grata in the neo-Nazi Democrat Party, particularly in radical New York.
Engel is likely toast. Expect the jihad caucus to attempt even more kills against Jewish Democrats with ties to AIPAC, such as Nita Lowey, Brad Schneider, Ted Deutch, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Alan Dershowitz has said that he will stay in the Democrat Party to help marginalize the anti-Semitic Left. How is that working out for you Alan? #JEXIT!
AOC attack group targets top Dem who voted with her 96% of the time but criticized Omar
Engel, who is Jewish, has also angered far-left block of the party after he openly criticized Omar after the Minnesota Democrat said that “the political influence in this country that says it is OK to push for allegiance to a foreign country,” referring to Israel, which many perceived as anti-Semitic comments.
By Lukas MikelionisFox News, June 19, 2019:
A far-left group backed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is supporting a political newcomer to unseat a 30-year Democratic New York congressman who called out Rep. Ilhan Omar over anti-Semitism.
Justice Democrats, a group that initially recruited Ocasio-Cortez to run against former Rep. Joe Crowley, is targeting Rep. Eliot Engel.
The candidacy of Jamaal Bowman, a 43-year-old public middle school teacher, was put forward by Justice Democrats in a continued effort to elect more progressive Democrats to Congress, the New York Times reported.

Yet Engel isn’t the moderate Democrat that his critics claim to be. He co-sponsored a Medicare-for-all plan and even joined Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive colleagues in introducing the Green New Deal, a radical overhaul of the economy in a bid to combat climate change. He has also voted with Ocasio-Cortez 96 percent of the time so far.
The source of frustration for the progressive is likely due to Engel’s rather hawkish views on foreign policy, including voting for the Iraq War in 2002, though he criticized the war in later years.

“I’m supporting Jamaal Bowman for Congress in New York’s 16th Congressional District. He’s a lifelong educator and school principal in the Bronx. His experience, his values, and his policy ideas are what we need,” activist Shaun King tweeted.

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