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Ari Fleischer Still Doesn’t Get It – Says Next Press Secretary Needs to Have a “Humorous Touch” to Deal with Far Left Jackals in Press Room

Sarah Sanders is publicly humiliated and abused at the White House Correspondents Dinner. As far as we know NOT ONE journalist apologized to Sarah after the disgusting display. These are not good people.
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Poor, Ari Fleischer. He still doesn’t get it.

Former White House press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Sean Spicer joined Laura Ingraham on Friday to discuss a replacement for Sarah Sanders as White House Press Secretary.

Ari Fleischer told Laura the next press secretary needs to have a “humorous touch” — unlike Sarah Sanders(?) — to calm the far left jackals in the White House press room.

Sorry, Ari, Coco the Clown could not bring order to that group of thugs.

Sarah Sanders was brilliant and one of the best press secretaries ever because of she never bowed down to the far left mob. It was an IMPOSSIBLE job. Sarah was rock solid.

Ari sounds like an abused spouse thinking it’s her fault that her husband is abusive.
You all know it’s true.
Ari Fleischer: It depends on who the person is and how tolerant the president is. Look, Laura I think if he had what I call a ‘happy warrior’, somebody who loves the president, believes in the president, will fight with the president but does it with a humorous touch, not a truculent touch, he could turn that room to his advantage. The bias of the press is so overwhelming, it actually becomes an opportunity for a press secretary who lets the press hoist themselves on their own petard if they do the job right.
The GOP elites STILL don’t understand that today’s left is out for blood.
They don’t see the only way to appease the fascist mob is total submission.

It is shocking that they still don’t see it.

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