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BREAKING: Trump-Bashing Republican Justin Amash Steps Down from Freedom Caucus After Discussion with Freedom Caucus Board

Trump-hating Republican Lawmaker stepped down from the Freedom Caucus on Monday night.

This comes after weeks of the Michigan Republican trashing the US president and calling for his impeachment.
He is the lone voice in the Republican party (so far) to call for Trump’s removal over the junk Mueller witch hunt.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told Laura Ingraham he spoke with Amash on Monday with Rep. Mark Meadows and they agreed that Justin Amash would step down from the Freedom caucus.
Rep. Jim Jordan: Well, we had a nice long meeting with Justin tonight, the board of the Freedom Caucus. The chairman and Mr. Amash will be talking about that. We disagree with Justin’s assessment of this entire investigation, the impeachment. We strongly disagree with him. Justin is our friend and Mark, of course, is our chairman, and those two will be talking about this tomorrow. 

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