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UK: Muslim family of 12 who joined Islamic State ‘all die in Syria’

Imagine, an entire family off to war to slay the infidels. Only religious fervor could incite such collective madness.
Relatives of the Mannan family believe they were “tricked” into leaving Luton for Syria. Ah, so now the Quran is tricky, eh?


Relatives of the Mannan family believe they were “tricked” into leaving Luton for Syria in 2015.

Twelve members of a British family who were suspected of joining Islamic State (IS) have all died in Syria, a relative has said.

The Mannan family from Luton were reported missing in 2015 after they failed to return home from a holiday to Bangladesh.
Grandfather Muhammed Abdul Mannan, who was 75 when he disappeared, and his wife Minera Khatun died of natural causes, while three of their sons were killed fighting for IS, according to reports.
It is believed the remaining seven family members, including three unnamed children, were killed in an air strike as they tried to flee the last IS stronghold Baghouz.
Mr Mannan’s son from a previous marriage, Shalim Hussain, told the Mail Online: “They are all dead. It’s over, finished.

After the family went missing, their relatives issued a statement saying their disappearance was “completely out of character” and they must have been “tricked” into going to Syria.
“We are devastated by the disappearance of these 12 and are very concerned for their safety,” the statement said.

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