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Far Left WaPo Hits New Low: Takes Disgusting Parting Shot at Sarah Sanders: Lying “Queen of Gaslighting”

On Thursday President Trump announced that Sarah Huckabee Sanders was leaving her role as White House Press Secretary.
The filthy liberal media treated Sarah Sanders with nothing but disrespect and vile attacks.
They hated her because she was effective and didn’t cower to their unrelenting abuse.
On Friday the Washington Post hit a new low with their disgusting parting shot on Sarah Sanders.

WaPo: After the White House announced on Thursday that press secretary Sarah Sanders would be stepping down at the end of the month, Sanders said she hoped to be remembered for her transparency and honesty. Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan’s first impulse upon hearing that was to laugh. “But lying to citizens while being paid by them really isn’t all that funny,” Sullivan writes. “She misled reporters or tried to, and through them, misled the American people.” Read more by clicking the link in our bio. (Photo by @jabinbotsford/The Washington Post)
This is the same ‘news’ organization that pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for two years.

Dan Bongino weighed in:

Sara Carter calls out the real gaslighters. 

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