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Heavily Armed Muslim Marine Arrested Trying to Enter Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska – Threatened to “Shoot up the Battalion”

A heavily armed Muslim Marine was recently arrested for trying to enter Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska. 
Pfc. Ali Al-Kazahg, 22, of Milford, was arrested on May 31 after he entered the base with two semi-automatic rifles, a pistol and a silencer while wearing body armor.

According to reports, Al-Kazahg was on a watch list after he made “suspicious statements” and had previously been reported for “suspicious activity.”
He told a fellow Marine that he would “shoot up the battalion, starting at the barracks,” if he were disciplined for certain misconduct.
Al-Kazahg even specifically mentioned the names of Marines he wanted to target.
The Omaha World Herald reported:
An off-duty Marine from Nebraska was arrested at Offutt Air Force Base two weeks ago after he tried to enter the base with two semi-automatic rifles, a pistol, a silencer, a bump stock, a vest with body armor and a case of ammunition.
Pfc. Ali Al-Kazahg, 22, of Milford, is in custody at Marine Corps Base Hawaii near Honolulu, a Marine spokesman said. Al-Kazahg, a landing support specialist at the Hawaii base, has not been charged. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is investigating.
Al-Kazahg — who was home in Nebraska on leave — was stopped in a pickup truck May 31 at Offutt’s StratCom gate after security guards there saw his name on a law enforcement watchlist of people judged capable of doing harm. A “be on the lookout” bulletin had been circulated across Nebraska a week earlier by a coalition of federal, state and local agencies tasked with monitoring security threats.
Even worse, the bulletin issued by Nebraska Information and Analysis Center, which was obtained by the Omaha World-Herald, also cited caution about Al-Kazahg issued by the Lincoln Police Department in 2016 (before he enlisted in the Marine Corps) claiming he was “dangerous, has an infatuation with guns and violent acts, and has a dislike for law enforcement.”
Why was Ali Al-Kazahg allowed to enlist in the Marine Corps in the first place??
Have we learned nothing from the 2009 Fort Hood shooting where Muslim US Army Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 people and injured nearly 3 dozen others?

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