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Nearly 100K people cheered on a tweet about running over a pro-Trump child

As of Wednesday morning, nearly 100,000 people — all of them presumably left-wing Democrats, who admittedly have a history of hating conservative children — had liked a cartoon tweet about running over a 7-year-old Trump supporter.
Posted on Monday by Zack Fox, an “Internet comedian and illustrator,” the tweet depicted Benton Stevens, a 7-year-old Austin boy who rose to fame after he raised thousands of dollars for triple-amputee Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage’s “We Build the Wall” project by selling hot chocolate.
On the left side of the tweet, which can be seen below, was a photo of Stevens at his hot chocolate stand, while on the right was a cartoon illustration of a man driving his vehicle straight toward Stevens’ stand.

And that’s technically fine. For the sake of intellectual honesty and consistency (which the left tends to lack), it’s technically fine (more on this later).
Why? Because while shocking, especially given that Fox’s target was a child, his tweet wasn’t necessarily that much more “offensive” than some of the memes that President Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. have posted over the years.
Remember when Trump Jr. retweeted a meme two years ago that showed his father as a “Top Gun” fighter pilot blowing up a jet tagged as CNN?
Or how about the president’s tweet that depicted him on a WWE stage body-slamming someone tagged with a CNN logo?

There are a couple notable differences, though, starting with the reaction.
When the president posted the tweet above in 2017, the entire left — from Democrat politicians to liberal mainstream media pundits — went into overdrive to smear him and his supporters as violent monsters, as well as accuse them of inciting violence.
“CNN immediately derided the tweet as ‘juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office’ and an incitement to violence against members of the press. If true, that would violate Twitter’s terms of service, which specifically prohibit direct or indirect threats of violence,” Fortune magazine reported at the time.
“Democratic politicians have, not surprisingly, been equally critical of the President’s online outburst, with California Representative Ted Lieu calling it ‘beyond disturbing.’ But there are already criticisms on the right, as well, with Republican CNN and ABC commentator Ana Navarro also calling the tweet “an incitement to violence.” 

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