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Social Media Platform VOAT Goes Offline, Top Site in ‘Drain the Swamp’ Fight – Users Suspect Deep State Interference …Update: Back Up

VOAT was taken offline on Saturday morning.
VOAT is a news aggregator and social networking service where registered community members can submit content such as text posts and direct links. VOAT prides itself on being free from censorship.
VOAT is despised by the left and the deep state apparatus.

If you go to, although hopefully it is back up by the time you get this. Just now I got the following at that site:
HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.
A daily user wrote The Gateway Pundit on Saturday morning to tell us. This is the first time they have seen this happen.
VOAT is a central forum in the drain-the-swamp fight, second only to 8 chan.
I checked around online, and did not see any discussion of this. It probably just happened.
VOAT has had difficulty raising money. Far left PayPal cut off their funding in January 2015.
UPDATE: The platform is back up.

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