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Trump Supporter Is Viciously Attacked Doused In Milkshake By America-Hating Activists Yelling ‘Nazi Scum’

Anti-Trump protesters viciously attacked a fan of the President with a milkshake in London today moments after Jeremy Corbyn’s firebrand speech – as march organisers admitted the turnout fell well short of their hopes.
During ugly scenes in Parliament Square, anti-Trump demonstrators chanted ‘Nazi scum’ at the man before throwing a milkshake at him while a sole police officer tried to stop a brawl breaking out.
Today’s shocking attack happened moments after Mr Corbyn delivered a firebrand speech to a few tens of thousands of anti-Trump protesters in the capital this afternoon – with the Labour leader obliquely accusing the President of ‘creating a sense of hate’ and fostering racism.
Mr Corbyn had just finished lecturing his supporters about ‘peace and justice’ and creating a ‘better world’ – but his fanatical followers seemed not to get the message when they set upon the man who was wearing one of Trump’s trademark hats

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