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Watch Video: Michael Malice: FBI’s Probe into 8Chan Is Prelude to Continued Elimination of Independent Publishers and Open Press

Malice and Posobiec discussed the FBI investigation of 8Chan. This comes after the popular message board VOAT went offline several hours this past weekend.
In March an evil bloodthirsty killer stormed two mosques in ChristChurch and slaughtered 47 worshipers.

The media later reported the killer advertised the shooting—and the fact that he would stream it live—on the message board site 8chan. According to Foreign Policy 8chan is “an image-sharing site that prides itself on hosting content deemed too offensive for the internet’s other cesspools.”
It took authorities less than 24 hours to shut down mobile access to 8chan and VOAT in New Zealand.
New Zealand is a member of the “5 eyes” network.
8chan and VOAT boards and users are very open of their opposition to the Deep State.
Michael Malice warned that the FBI investigation of 8Chan is a prelude in the deep state and establishment media’s continued assault on independent publishers and opposition websites.
Michael Malice: It’s a lot easier for them to say, “Hey this is an alt-right hate speech board,” they’re under investigation and this is prelude to getting sites like this shut down…
Jack Posobiec: Why is it that they are talking about 8Chan? He livestreamed it on Facebook. Nobody’s talking about taking down Facebook because of this guy.
Michael Malice: How it works is are you on the side of the corporate press or are you unorthodox. And the unorthodox venues are a threat to their kind of dominance because their argument is they are legitimate and anyone outside of their orbit is illegitimate and therefore pay no attention and don’t listen to it.
Michael absolutely nailed it.
In 2016 smaller “unorthodox” publishers and voices pushed Donald Trump accross the finish line.
Since 2017 those voices have been intentionally silenced.
Via Jack Posobiec:

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