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A picture of a woman who chose NOT to wear a Hijab in Iran. Heart hurting reality of this girl.

Image result for Watch: Iranian mother with a baby in her arms attacked by Islamist for not wearing Hijab

This is Marzieh Ebrahimi. She was attacked in 2014 by what many believe were conservative vigilantes in Isfahan. This is essentially a terroristic series of attacks which may not have directly involved the regime, but were definitely hushed and ignored by them. She may have been targeted for her clothing but she wasn't protesting or removing anything as the headline implies. She was in her car driving to a dentist appointment.

The Hijab is not commonly worn in Iran. She would have been wearing a scarf and long clothes most likely, The more conservative wear the Chador, which is somewhat similar to a Hijab. More progressive women in Iran tend to wear scarves that get pushed back to reveal more hair, risking trouble with the authorities.

So it's all really already bad enough without people constantly changing these stories up to try to get the right emotional response from the audience. That's massaging the facts.
Some good news - she got married, and has a lot of support from many Iranians.

Here is some of her pictures. 

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