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Black Professor Blogs About Fantasy of Kicking Homeless White Men – Says They ‘Oppress’ Him

Black Professor Blogs About Fantasy of Kicking Homeless White Men – Says They ‘Oppress’ Him

A State University of New York professor wrote in a blog post this month that he feels oppressed by homeless white men who beg for food and money in his neighborhood, and fantasizes about attacking them. 
Nicholas Powers, an associate professor of black literature at SUNY Old Westbury, made the confession in a since-deleted essay headlined “Seeing poor white people makes me happy. It was published by the RaceBaitr blog on June 11.
Powers recounted walking walking past a “homeless white boy” and having hateful and violent thoughts about him because of “the history of colonization, slavery and mass incarceration.”
On one occasion, Powers recalled thinking of the man: “Should I kick him in the face? Hard? No, chill, he’s not worth it. But why is this white boy begging for money in a Black neighborhood? Is he stupid?
Another time, when the man asked him for something to eat, Powers said he mused, “”Baby, you stole all mine,” and also, “Who is he? Why is he here? Where are his people?”
Noting that the man was “sunburnt and thin” with scabs covering his mouth apparently did not trigger Powers’ empathy.
Powers said of the man: “Here is a descendant of murderers who killed our ancestors now begging us to save their life.” He also said that a white person “begging Black people for money [is] ironic – if not insulting. You wasted your whiteness! Why should we give to you?

What would MLK do?

The professor said that he sometimes tries to remind himself to be loving like Martin Luther King Jr.
“I know it’s not a good look. At least I think I know? I have the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. in my head like a life coach exhorting me to ‘be my best self,’ ‘show compassion to those who spite you,’ ‘turn the other cheek’ and ‘don’t give our enemies more reasons to hate us.’
However, he then decided: “I need to kick Martin Luther King Jr. out of my head. Go fuck another secretary Martin! I need to ask what this white homeless boy means to me.”

Powers said that he is not alone among black Americans in his desire to “get even” with whites.
“I saw three brothers run up and spit on him as people cackled at the white boy who wiped sticky gobs from his eyelids,” he said. “The laughter was cruel, joyful and belly deep. They might as well shook slave chains in his face and said, ‘Now you get to wear these nigga!'”

Nicholas Powers and the joy of hating

Powers acknowledged that his hateful thoughts also make him “feel good” and “smile.”

“White people begging us for food feels like justice,” he said. “It feels like Afro-Futurism after America falls. It feels like a Black Nationalist wet dream. It has the feels I rarely feel, a hunger for historical vengeance satisfied so well I rub my belly.”

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